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Fourth Assignment

Drawn from a photo-collage of interiors, exteriors, and a close-up. We learned about linear perspective.

I was inspired by the Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum (DAM), an awesome, angular contraption, that I expected to hate,  but actually find to be absolutely beautiful.

The rounded, long things are actually an installation piece called “The Bathers” at the DAM by John McEnroe (not the tennis player). Pretty sweet!

Graphite, 22″ x 24″


First collaboration

Me and Jordan got together to have a “30 minute challenge.” 10 minutes into it Jordan goes: “Shit, I don’t know what to do with this.” I look over and say: “That’s cool, do you want to switch?” To which he responds: “Hell yeah!” So we switch back and forth a few times and less than an hour later we have two pieces that blow my mind. Only the one that I started and finished is here, since the other one is Jordan’s and lives at his house.

Chalk pastel on brown paper, 26″ x 26″


Third Assignment

Charcoal, drawn from photo using subtractive method (erasing). The assignment was to use value to create mood and emotion.

I got the idea to draw it double while biking home from school after a long day and I was literally seeing double. I

Size: 20″ x 20″


I am an artist living and practicing in Denver.

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