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seven days together in a reflective box (isolation box #2)

The box in the gallery with some of the residue from other people’s performances.

My mother has picked my box partner and I know that his name is Trevor (I think), but other than that she has managed to stay secretive. We will be getting into the box on Friday the 8th of June at 8:45, at EDGE Gallery in Denver. After that, we will not be leaving until the 15th of June at 8:45PM. I am very excited!

This piece is a part of Residue Denver, a month of performance art at EDGE Gallery.

The gallery hours are as follows:

Friday: 6 – 10 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 1 – 5 PM
Monday -Thursday (ONLY June 11 – June 14): 7-8 PM

EDGE Gallery
3658 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211


Seven days together in a reflective box (Isolation box #2)



I am looking for a person to join me in a 4’ x 8’ x 4‘ box for exactly one week (168 hours, June 8th, 8:45pm to June 15th, 8:45pm). The box will be made of plywood, covered in mirror on the outside and be placed inside EDGE gallery in Denver. During this time we will not leave the box and we will be fasting.


You must be motivated; willing and able to endure the psychological and physical challenges that will arise; confident and determined that you can make it; be excited and intrigued by the prospect of spending a week in a box with someone you don’t know; and be willing to experience and connect deeper than you have ever done before.


The work aims to explore how deep of a connection can be formed in the confines of a self imposed prison, when there are no distractions, and no running away from discomfort. It is the exploration of the depths of ourselves, together; a shared hermitage. At the same time it will be the falling apart of ego – a death of sorts – as we lose every reference point to our reality and embrace the unknown existence within the box.


You will not meet me until the evening that we enter the box. My mother will be conducting the selection process, as she knows me well and has my best interest in mind. Please respond to her: by May 25th to apply, express interest, or ask any questions.


This is the opportunity of a lifetime.



learning to fly

Arvada, CO; December 2011

Attempting to fulfill my lifelong dream of flying silently and peacefully, I jumped off a
two story roof attached to approximately five hundred helium-filled balloons.

Photos: James Edward Neuhalfen








More timelapse here
And here
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Four days in pink box (Isolation box #1)

San Isabel National Forest, CO, 10100ft. September 18-22, 2011.

I spent four days in a four foot pink cube. During this time I never left the box and I
fasted since the day before I entered. I had a jug of water and an empty jug to pee in.


Ikea tour

August, 2011.


Photo: Evan Lee Miller


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extreme knitting


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I am an artist living and practicing in Denver.

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